About the journal

The journal of Czech Anthropological Society – Czech Anthropology – is an independent nationwide journal with long tradition. The content is focused on presentation of original research information and theoretical papers, which apply to the problems of anthropology, genetics and cognate fields.

It has been published since 1947 when it was called Reports of Czechoslovakian Anthropological Society at CSAS under which it was published until 1983. The title of the journal was changed to Anthology of Czechoslovakian Anthropological Society at Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences in 1983 (year 37, ISSN 0862-5085). In 1993 (year 46), after disintegration of Czechoslovakian Anthropological Society the name of the journal was changed into Anthology of Czech Anthropological Society. From 1994/95 to 2001, the journal was published under the title Czech Anthropology – Anthology of CAS, with change of ISSN to 1804-1876. The journal has been published as Czech Anthropology – Journal of CAS (ISSN 1804-1876) since 2002 and it has been printed twice a year under the registration number of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic MK ČR E 19056.

The journal Czech Anthropology has been issued by Czech Anthropological Society with contribution of grant from the Council of Scientific Societies at Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The Editorial board of the journal consists of 20 members, 8 of whom are from foreign countries, two members are from Slovakia. Sixteen professors and readers are represented in it. None of the editorial board members is the publisher´s employee.

Original scientific papers prevail in the journal, they always account for over 70 per cent of every issue. The articles are published in Czech, Slovak, Polish or English language. Abstracts in English language are always stated. The publications are divided according to a uniform standard (Instructions for authors).

The manuscripts are subjected to a review process, which has been archived since 2008. The reviewers have not been neither the board members nor workers of the same workplace. It is a “peer review” type of a review process, the contributions are reviewed anonymously. The authors are responsible for the content and language correctness of their works. Two anonymous reviewers assess the formal and expert aspects of the work and the editorial board decides about its approval and publishing on the basis of their reference. The author is obliged to respond to the comments of the review process. The editing reserves the right to perform final adjustments of the manuscript.

It is possible to verify the results of the review process additionally – the report forms are archived at the executive editor of the journal on address MUDr. Kateřina Kikalová, Ph.D., Ústav normální anatomie, Lékařská fakulta Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc, katerina.kikalova@upol.cz.

ISSN 1804-1876

Registration number of the periodical: MK ČR E 19056

The title variant:
Sborník České společnosti antropologické (Anthology of Czech Anthropological Society)
Časopis České společnosti antropologické (Journal of Czech Anthropological Society)

The continuity of the periodical to the Anthology of Czechoslovakian Anthropological Societ at Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences, ISSN 0862-5085